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Steven LOBLE

International & Commercial Litigation

Services for US-based clients and attorneys


Much of the work we do is for American clients.  

We are often instructed by American attorneys on behalf of their clients, and in many cases act, in effect, as local counsel, in the same way that an attorney in New Jersey would work with an attorney in Nebraska.

The United Kingdom or Great Britain comprises a number of different jurisdictions - England & Wales, Scotland, Northern Island, and each of the ChannelIslands are separate jurisdictions with their own laws and court systems.

Attorneys in England are either solicitors or barristers. We are solicitors and can practice in any court in England & Wales. We are based in London. We can also assist clients to find suitable representation in other parts of the UK and Europe.

Whilst we are not qualified as attorneys in any state of the United States, we have substantial experience in dealing with matters for US clients. This enables easy communication, without having to translate language or legal concepts, thus avoiding George Bernard Shaw's observation that "England and America are two countries divided by a common language".

We frequently deal with litigation for American clients and have been involved in a significant number of the leading cases involving recognition and enforcement of American judgments (see Enforcement of US Judgments in England), obtaining orders from the English court for witnesses to give Depositions for Use in US Proceedings, both State and Federal, and disputes involving US-based clients.

We are involved in all methods of dispute resolution - litigation and forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, and expert determination. Where possible, we will assist clients to avoid expensive proceedings and negotiate a favourable settlement.


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